Fabric Market

Okay, I know a while ago I promised I would post pictures of the stuff I got made to measure at the fabric market. I already had this picture of the denim skirt (as seen in the wedding post, with the lovely Natalie). It was my most expensive fabric market purchase at 150RMB (about Ā£15). … Continue reading

Cow baby etc.

Yesterday I walked round Jing’An for a long time. It was hot. I didn’t speak to anyone I knew until the evening. On the way home I saw a bouquet of teddies, a baby doll in a cow outfit and a miniature city. I failed to take photos of any of the above, so I … Continue reading


We went to the opening of the new terrace at Barbarossa on Friday night, where there was free flow wine, beer and spirits for 90 mins… I could probably never afford to go there normally as drinks are insanely expensive. It’s a Moroccan-style lounge bar inside People’s Park, with pretty amazing views of the city. … Continue reading

Blossom Festival

I went to NanjingĀ InternationalĀ MusicĀ Festival (AKAĀ Blossom Festival) on Sunday. On the way to the venue we came across a place called Little Taiwan, where there were delicious noodles and smoothies as well as a very fun-looking bouncy castle and some incongruous snowmen. It took quite a while to find Riverside Park, where the festival was being … Continue reading


I didn’t actually watch the Royal Wedding, but I did go to a British ‘boaters and blazers’ themed picnic the next day to celebrate it (at Shanghai Sculpture Park). We ate strawberries and cucumber sandwiches and drank Pimms. There were in fact two weddings taking place in the park at the time, which meant we … Continue reading