Made in USA by Jean-Luc Godard I am enjoying having some time off. On Monday I met up with Michael before he went back to the UK for summer, then I went to Shanghai Art Museum followed by a trip on the Metro where I picked a line and stop at random and ended up … Continue reading

School’s Out

So, it’s the end of my first semester teaching oral English at Shanghai Normal University. I’ve gotten to know around 400 students since February. I created an elaborate raffle system to motivate them, but sadly couldn’t find any raffle tickets for sale in Shanghai so had to make them… around 40 a day. My stationery … Continue reading

Rooftops and Evil Pandas

I’ve been to two rooftop parties recently, both of which had amazing views of the city. Clare and I had fun playing with the light and the strong winds. She is channelling Marilyn Monroe. I don’t know what I’m doing. We also met some evil pandas. And Mario, whom I didn’t notice at the time … Continue reading


Michael, Meri and I went to Hangzhou at the weekend. It was a short trip – we left Shanghai at 5pm on Friday and returned around the same time on Saturday. On the Friday night we arrived at our hostel, Fiona’s Trip, which was really nice and actually more of a hotel than a hostel. … Continue reading