Old Town

My friend Lewis visited at the weekend so I had the opportunity to be a tourist in my own city. Not difficult when I’ve only lived here for a couple of months and there’s still plenty more to explore… On Sunday we went to Old Town, where there was a huge contrast between the touristy … Continue reading

Dream Kitten

I recently dreamt I got a kitten. The next day I saw it in real life in a pet shop window, looking sad and dejected but at least accompanied by its mother. I didn’t buy it. I’ve never owned a pet and I suppose my transitory existence in China wouldn’t be the time to start.

Strange Days

Sunday was an odd day indeed. I woke up with a cold and was in two minds about whether to venture beyond Ajisen Ramen round the corner or just get some noodle soup and go back home to bed. I could have done that. I could have just gone straight back home and watched back-to-back … Continue reading

Barbie Shanghai

I unwittingly visited Barbie Shanghai on her last day in business, before the big pink patterned doors closed for good. Having discovered we lived in the same city as the world’s largest Barbie store, my friend Meri and I decided to pay her a visit. Facing derision from most of the people we mentioned our … Continue reading


I’ve imported everything from my original blog http://ghostzine.blogspot.com because a) I’ve moved to Shanghai and Blogspot is blocked in China and b) I prefer the layouts on WordPress anyway. So hello! Back soon.