Puppet Museum

When I first moved to Siracusa in February, I lived on Piazza San Giuseppe, home of the Museo dei Pupi (Puppet Museum). For some reason I never actually went inside until I moved to my current flat (okay, it’s less than ten minutes’ walk away…) and had visitors who wanted to go. It was €3 … Continue reading


My parents visited recently and we went on a trip to Ragusa. People kept recommending the place – everyone from the guidebooks to my students said I should visit Ragusa Ibla, the old town, while I’m in Sicily. We took a train there (about a two-hour journey) and wandered down from the new town (where … Continue reading


A few of us went to Catania on the train the other week. It’s the home of the nearest airport and I’d heard it was an uninteresting and not particularly attractive city, but there was plenty to see and much of it was pretty. People dressed better and more individually than they do in Siracusa, … Continue reading