The day after Michael and Meri’s wedding, I went for a long walk in Seattle with Bella (my new friend from the hostel) in search of breakfast. It was already pretty much lunchtime so finding breakfast wasn’t too easy, and my fallback plan of going back to St John’s in Capitol Hill failed when we … Continue reading


I’ve been in Siracusa for almost two weeks now. I live next door to one of my work colleagues, who happened to do her CELTA course at the same place as me (St Giles, Brighton) a month after I did. Yesterday we went to the market and were sold seven fennels* for a euro because … Continue reading

Voyage to Siracusa

I wrote this on Saturday February 11th but didn’t have internet so couldn’t upload yet. All my trains were delayed as I made my way to Gatwick Airport from York this morning. There was a point when I was stuck waiting at London Bridge staring at the information for the trains to Gatwick – cancelled, … Continue reading

Cow baby etc.

Yesterday I walked round Jing’An for a long time. It was hot. I didn’t speak to anyone I knew until the evening. On the way home I saw a bouquet of teddies, a baby doll in a cow outfit and a miniature city. I failed to take photos of any of the above, so I … Continue reading


I had to work on Saturday even though the uni is normally closed at weekends… but am now enjoying a belated three-day weekend (it’s the way national holidays work in China). Yesterday I had a Chinese lesson but since then have been delighting in the fact I don’t have to do too much. I haven’t … Continue reading

Strange Days

Sunday was an odd day indeed. I woke up with a cold and was in two minds about whether to venture beyond Ajisen Ramen round the corner or just get some noodle soup and go back home to bed. I could have done that. I could have just gone straight back home and watched back-to-back … Continue reading