Santa Lucia Market

Yesterday I went to the market at Piazza Santa Lucia. This place is going to be my downfall. Despite having lived in four different countries in the past four years, I am, deep down, a hoarder. A collector of pointless crap that I don’t need. But I’m living in a new place that I want … Continue reading


I’ve been in Siracusa for almost two weeks now. I live next door to one of my work colleagues, who happened to do her CELTA course at the same place as me (St Giles, Brighton) a month after I did. Yesterday we went to the market and were sold seven fennels* for a euro because … Continue reading

Voyage to Siracusa

I wrote this on Saturday February 11th but didn’t have internet so couldn’t upload yet. All my trains were delayed as I made my way to Gatwick Airport from York this morning. There was a point when I was stuck waiting at London Bridge staring at the information for the trains to Gatwick – cancelled, … Continue reading

Saltburn by the Sea

A few weeks ago I went to Saltburn by the Sea, near Middlesbrough, with my parents. They’ve been a few times – I think they like it partly because it’s off the beaten track and not too touristy. It was a proper British day out: cold, rainy and beautifully bleak. It’s an old Victorian resort … Continue reading

Chairs in China

What it says on the tin.