Fabric Market

Okay, I know a while ago I promised I would post pictures of the stuff I got made to measure at the fabric market. I already had this picture of the denim skirt (as seen in the wedding post, with the lovely Natalie). It was my most expensive fabric market purchase at 150RMB (about £15).
I finally had time this morning to take pictures of the remaining ones. I’m afraid I couldn’t resist playing around with camera settings etc.

The 50s-style circle skirt (a copy of a red H&M one I already had). The original cost 250RMB, the copy was 100. This is my favourite of all the things I got made, it’s ridiculously versatile and comfortable (though I admit after a big meal it feels a little tight round the waist…)

The floral blouse (also a copy of an H&M one I own already! I promise not all of my clothes are from H&M…) This one was 100RMB – perhaps a bit expensive but I was very happy with the result. The material is so light, perfect for work in the ridiculous heat of the Shanghai summer.

And a pair of skinny jeans, which I’ve decided I don’t like and will probably never wear. Oh well.

EDIT: I apologise for being such a ridiculous poser in this post.

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