The Brooklyn Bridge

Okay, this is my final post about this particular US trip – promise! After leaving Seattle I had a stopover in Minneapolis for 12 hours. It was overnight so unfortunately¬†I couldn’t go and explore. I set up camp in the ‘business lounge’ area of the airport – I had a desk, I wrote in my … Continue reading

Women Who Rock

As mentioned in my previous post, I visited the EMP Museum in Seattle. This was one of my favourite exhibitions there (and anywhere, ever!) – Women Who Rock: Vision, Passion, Power. There was music playing in the area (Fleetwood Mac’s Landslide among others) and an extensive collection of costumes, instruments, records and information about women … Continue reading

EMP Museum, Seattle

I noticed a sign for the EMP Museum when I was entering Bumbershoot Festival.¬†It looked interesting – with its snazzy Frank Gehry-designed building – but I wasn’t sure if I’d get chance to go there. Luckily it wasn’t far from the hotel I stayed in on my last night in Seattle, and I had some … Continue reading

Koolhaas and Cream Soda in Seattle

I’m coming to the end of the ridiculous amount of stuff I have to say about my trip to Seattle, but there is still a little more.¬†These are some things I enjoyed… Koolhaas Library, Magic Mouse Toys, Frida Kahlo paper dolls, Pike Place Market, Pioneer Square, Virgil’s Black Cherry Cream Soda, The Gum Wall (gross … Continue reading


On my last weekend in the US, I went to the wonderfully-named¬†Bumbershoot Festival¬†at the¬†Seattle Center (or two out of three days of it anyway). A festival of arts, comedy, film and music, there was a lot on the schedule I was excited about. In the morning of the first day, I had to move from … Continue reading


When I got back to Seattle from Vancouver, I headed to Fremont to find my new hostel. It was the beginning of Labor Day weekend (and Bumbershoot festival was starting the following day) so accommodation had been hard to find. I ended up having to book three different places for my last three nights in … Continue reading

Michael and Meri’s Wedding

I met my friends Michael and Meri when we were all working together in the insane metropolis that is Shanghai. They were part of a select group of people who helped me retain my sanity. We went to parties and dive bars, ate a lot of hotpot, played poker for a packet of unwanted decaf … Continue reading

Coffee and Comics in Seattle

After I left New York I headed to Seattle. In case you’re not aware of the geographical layout of the US, Seattle is not near New York. It’s on the opposite coast in fact. This meant I had a silly stopover in Minneapolis, but not for long enough to leave the airport. The airline, Sun … Continue reading

Brooklyn via Chinatown

After our day out at Coney Island, Rebecca and I headed to Williamsburg to get some (seriously) delicious falafel at Oasis and check out Skinny Dennis – a wonderfully incongruous Nashville-style bar my friend had recommended.¬†There we met up with Sam, a Twitter friend and Brit living in NYC who had kindly given me tips … Continue reading

Coney Island

I went to Coney Island with my friend Rebecca. It was exactly as cheesy and fun as I’d expected. We went on the Wonder Wheel then got cotton candy to eat on the beach. We didn’t see any freak shows. I don’t know if that was a good or bad thing.