We went to the opening of the new terrace at Barbarossa on Friday night, where there was free flow wine, beer and spirits for 90 mins… I could probably never afford to go there normally as drinks are insanely expensive. It’s a Moroccan-style lounge bar inside People’s Park, with pretty amazing views of the city. There were far too many people there, unsurprisingly. It was busier than the Metro on a Saturday.

There was a man making balloon animals and increasingly rude shapes as the night went on. There was also a very impressive belly dancer.

2 Responses to “Barbarossa”
  1. Chris says:

    Nice one. How long have you been in Shanghai? And what are you doing over there?

    I’m in a tiny little village in Limburg, the Netherlands!

    I’m not doing much at the moment but I’ve recently been looking at what me and Lewis were doing last year with the Taipei 101 project and the 100 strangers to friends project – I think there’s a lot of good stuff there and I want to raise the profile of the project(s) more.

    I could write a guest post if you like, though I might need some help with an angle that’ll be good for your blog.

    Let me know how things are!

    PS – you seem to be more productive in Shanghai – lots of posts.

    • Alexis says:

      Meant to reply to this ages ago – sorry! I’ve been in Shanghai since February, teaching English at a university. I hope you’re enjoying your tiny Dutch village!

      Those projects were really good – I hope you do more with them.

      A guest post would be great, let me know if you can’t think what to write about. Maybe something about life where you are now or something about Taiwan. If you could include some of your photos that would be good!

      I am being more productive here despite being insanely busy… Hope to keep it up.

      Hope all’s well with you:)

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