Blossom Festival

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I went to Nanjing International Music Festival (AKA Blossom Festival) on Sunday. On the way to the venue we came across a place called Little Taiwan, where there were delicious noodles and smoothies as well as a very fun-looking bouncy castle and some incongruous snowmen.

It took quite a while to find Riverside Park, where the festival was being held, and longer still to find the actual part of the park it was in. We still got there near the beginning though, and discovered they had COLD BEER which can be a bit of a rarity round these parts. The music was average and the dance stage was cancelled due to ‘no power’ but the atmosphere and weather were great. There were also stalls selling cute vintage-style dresses, though I’m proud to say I managed to resist for once.

It took so long to get out of the park, we missed the fast train we were supposed to get home. Luckily we managed to get on another one which didn’t take too much longer and were not charged for another ticket (that would never happen back home).

We  had to find seats where we could find them – on the floor near a strange, fluffy and seemingly sedated dog in a handbag. We finally got some actual seats only to be driven away by a man vomiting what smelled like baijiu (strong Chinese spirit) onto the floor about a foot away from us. Oh well – a good day in all!

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