Good things

I know I could just add links to all my favourite websites on my sidebar (and I probably will do this at some point) but for now I just want to tell you about three sites I have been visiting a lot this week and really enjoying. The first one is by Inhae, which … Continue reading

Book Shop Girl

Did a new drawing/painting today. It’s pretty much what the title says. I used Pilot Hi-Tec-C pens (for a change…) plus watercolours and a tiny bit of acrylic. I made loads of mistakes as I was drawing in pen – I tried to incorporate them as best I could. It’s small in real life – … Continue reading

Recipe: Tagliatelle with garlic roasted tomatoes and rocket

Recently I invented a delicious meal (well, in my own opinion and that of about 10 other people who I’ve made it for). This version serves 2 (in my world anyway; maybe some people are less greedy) Ingredients: 250g tagliatelle 250g baby plum tomatoes 3 cloves garlic 300g creamed tomatoes 1 courgette 1 red chilli … Continue reading

A lady and a promise

I now have a working scanner and hereby pledge to blog more regularly. Above is a picture done quite a long time ago but I have only just been able to scan it. I used my old favourite combo of watercolours and Pilot Hi-Tec-C pens. Not that happy with it overall but I quite like … Continue reading