Good things

I know I could just add links to all my favourite websites on my sidebar (and I probably will do this at some point) but for now I just want to tell you about three sites I have been visiting a lot this week and really enjoying.

The first one is by Inhae, which is just the cutest thing ever and totally fulfils my need to gaze admiringly at inanimate objects with faces (there is nothing more cheering on a bad day). Not only do the teeth have faces but they have wonderful adventures which are photographed beautifully.

I’ve also been getting into, a project by my good friends Lewis and Chris who live in Taiwan. They have decided to meet 101 people in Taipei – from a specific list they have compiled which forces them to find, for example, a fashion designer, a blind masseuse and a single man leaving a love hotel. Lewis is a writer and his style is perfectly suited to the imaginative, gonzo journalism needed to bring this idea to life. Chris is a great photographer and takes pictures of all the interviewees.

The Spicy Boy

The Artist

Finally (for now, as frankly I could go on for a while about all the wonderful stuff to be found on the internet) I have just discovered the photography of Josh Goleman There’s not much to say other than that I love the images, particularly the ones which look like they’re from the best wedding ever. Here is one example:

You can find the rest at I found this through which is a lovely blog written by the lady on the left in this pic. She collects and documents things in a very aesthetically pleasing manner and makes me want to live in America a bit.

Okay, so that was kind of four, not three. I’ll stop now.

4 Responses to “Good things”
  1. >So happy to hear you like my blog. It's true, Ginny's wedding was perhaps the best wedding of all time!

  2. >Your blog is really good:) And I hope I get to go to a wedding as good as that one day, looks so much fun!

  3. >Alexis, THANK YOU!! For sharing milk toof!Love Love Love xxx

  4. >Ah ha, I knew you would love it! xxx

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