2012 in pictures

Well, this is my 100th blog post and it’s the end of the year so I thought I should do some kind of retrospective. It’s been a very different year from 2011, when I lived in Shanghai. Here are some aspects of 2012 that I managed to document in between moments of actually living my … Continue reading

Derelict buildings in Siracusa

There were loads of derelict buildings in Siracusa. They were beautiful, I couldn’t stop taking pictures of them. This is by no means an exhaustive collection.


Last year I lived on the 25th floor of a skyscraper in Shanghai. This was the view from my flat: Now I live in Siracusa, Sicily. This is the view from my flat: Next year: TBC.

Puppet Museum

When I first moved to Siracusa in February, I lived on Piazza San Giuseppe, home of the Museo dei Pupi (Puppet Museum). For some reason I never actually went inside until I moved to my current flat (okay, it’s less than ten minutes’ walk away…) and had visitors who wanted to go. It was €3 … Continue reading

Coastal Path etc.

Some things which have happened lately: a cyclone,  cherry and lemon ice cream, celebrating St Patrick’s Day, a walk along the coastal path, sandwiches and beer by the sea, a concert at the Temple of Apollo, dinner at Maria’s, sitting in the sun a lot, coffee (as always), exploring a mini Roman theatre, making plans … Continue reading


Foolishly forgot to bring any pencils with me so decided to paint straight on with watercolour then draw over the top with pen. No scanner here so apologies for picture quality.


I’ve been in Siracusa for almost two weeks now. I live next door to one of my work colleagues, who happened to do her CELTA course at the same place as me (St Giles, Brighton) a month after I did. Yesterday we went to the market and were sold seven fennels* for a euro because … Continue reading