Music Box

The other day I was thinking about the music I used to listen to as a kid and realised I actually stand by a lot of it. I admit I went through the odd dodgy phase (yes, when I was eight I distinctly recall liking Bryan Adams and actually requesting one of his songs at … Continue reading

Recovered Photos: Taiwan, Week 1

All the photos from back then are blurry, as if to prove it must have been a dream. My camera broke for a bit, maybe a reaction to the sudden heat or the humidity as it worked fine again later. I just found the photos and it all came back to me, the dreamlike first … Continue reading

Things I miss about Taiwan

Just indulging in a little nostalgia about living in Taiwan. These are some of the things I miss about it: Being able to hop on a cheap, clean and spacious train and go on holiday somewhere totally amazing and different from anywhere I’d ever been and at a fraction of the price of a weekend … Continue reading