The Brooklyn Bridge

Okay, this is my final post about this particular US trip – promise! After leaving Seattle I had a stopover in Minneapolis for 12 hours. It was overnight so unfortunately¬†I couldn’t go and explore. I set up camp in the ‘business lounge’ area of the airport – I had a desk, I wrote in my … Continue reading

The High Line

I became Facebook friends with Eno when I wrote her this faintly ridiculous message in 2007, when I lived in Taiwan: Hi Eno, I’m just sitting with my friend Lewis in Jhunan in Miaoli County and we decided to search for people who like Sonic Youth. You like Sonic Youth, Eno, and many other good … Continue reading

FAO Schwarz

On 5th Avenue by the southeast corner of Central Park lies the legendary toy store, FAO Schwarz. Remember when Tom Hanks played on the massive piano in Big? That was there. (And the piano is still accessible, swarming with excitable children.) There are so many different sections to the shop. And so many giant versions … Continue reading


I was blown away by MoMA. In terms of atmosphere I much preferred it to the sprawling Metropolitan Museum. The staff at MoMA were friendlier and the building had a relaxing and comprehensive layout. I discovered that, never having really thought about it before, I really like Mondrian. This makes sense, given that everywhere I … Continue reading

Central Park

I must admit, before I visited New York, I expected to be disappointed. It’s the setting for so many films and TV shows, how could it possibly live up to expectations? Central Park is one of the locations so frequently used on celluloid (I am sad that celluloid is no longer being used for films, … Continue reading


After my ridiculous journey to New York, I went out for dinner with my friend Rebecca and her boyfriend Alex. We went to a German restaurant on Brooklyn’s Seventh Avenue and tried to decide whether we had the energy to go out in Manhattan or not. We went back to Rebecca’s boss’ apartment where we … Continue reading