I haven’t posted in a while as I’m ridiculously busy doing an intensive Portuguese course (every day for 3 hours as well as working…) I will catch up on posts eventually but in the meantime here’s some Halloween inspiration. I am going to dress as a zombie tourist.

Spectacle inspiration

I’ve been an occasional glasses wearer for about four years now, and if I’m honest it still feels like a bit of a novelty. I do actually need them though, I promise. Increasingly so; for seeing faraway things like train times at the station, films, finding my friends in pubs etc. Or even just noticing … Continue reading

In Between

After having had my hair in a bob for couple of years, I decided last year it was time to grow it long again. Unfortunately this is not something which happened instantly the moment I made the decision, and I am being forced to exercise the art of patience (admittedly not one of my greatest … Continue reading