In October my friend Natalie and I decided to get out of China for the national holiday. The only place we could get cheap flights to was Seoul, which was lucky as I really wanted to go anyway. Natalie had been a few times before and raved about the shopping. We stayed in Hongdae, which … Continue reading

Sticker Geek Fest

I have always been something of a hoarder. As a tiny child I had my own desk in the spare room, a magical sanctuary away from the room I shared with my brother. In its drawers I accumulated collections of erasers, stickers, writing paper and shiny 20 pence pieces from the tooth fairy. When my … Continue reading

Stationery Geek Fest

Okay, so this is probably my geekiest post yet. Art materials and stationery probably don’t merit this level of enthusiasm, but I’m not ashamed, I tell you! If you’re an illustrator, fine artist or just a lover of good pens you may find this of interest. If not, you probably won’t remotely understand, but never … Continue reading