In Every Space Home, An Earth Pet

Third in the series. Please excuse the Roxy Music reference, just couldn’t help myself.

Moomin graffiti

So I’m back in England, Brighton to be exact, and the weather is rubbish… but look what I found today! Moomin graffiti. Now all is right with the world. It’s great to be back, I’m really enjoying catching up with old friends and Moomins.

Earth Pets Need Oxygen

Second in the series.

Earth Pets Available Here

First in a series of paintings featuring animals in space.


Puppet Museum

When I first moved to Siracusa in February, I lived on Piazza San Giuseppe, home of the Museo dei Pupi (Puppet Museum). For some reason I never actually went inside until I moved to my current flat (okay, it’s less than ten minutes’ walk away…) and had visitors who wanted to go. It was €3 … Continue reading


I drew some things. And then coloured them in. With paint. In this order.

Betty’s Diner

Hard to show up the detail without a scanner. The words on the ‘staff wanted’ poster read: ‘Can you serve food and drinks with a smile, on skates? Then we want YOU.’   When I get access to a scanner I’ll add a better quality image.

Good Things Part 3

These are some things I’ve been enjoying lately. Jonathan Richman reading a poem for Mojo Beth Hoeckel’s collage art: More can be found at The comic art of Al Williamson: This clock, which is on the wall of a supermarket in my town: This video about Miniatur Wunderland. I want to go. Now.


Foolishly forgot to bring any pencils with me so decided to paint straight on with watercolour then draw over the top with pen. No scanner here so apologies for picture quality.