It’s no secret that the housing  and rental market in Lisbon has gone haywire over the last few years. People are starting to move out of the city in search of more affordable housing, and I’m no exception. I was lucky that my rent didn’t go up for the four years that I was living in Lisbon, but I wanted the stability of buying somewhere and not having to worry every time I received a letter from my landlord.

I managed to buy a two-bedroom flat in Almada, just over the river from Lisbon. Some of my friends had already bought over here, and yet more are considering doing so. It’s a less touristy area than Lisbon, and yes, it’s less obviously beautiful, but it certainly has its charms. Various developments are in the pipeline and I wouldn’t be surprised if the Lisbon house price rises are reflected here, to a lesser extent, over the next few years.

After living in a stunning but increasingly busy area of Lisbon (Graça) it’s been a nice change to escape the constant noise of tuk tuks, tourists shouting and the Pingo Doce delivery truck destroying my chances of sleep in the small hours (the last one could happen anywhere, admittedly, though was exacerbated by the narrow roads and the fact that there was nowhere discreet to park).

I’ve been taking some photos which show a side of Almada that people don’t immediately think of when they hear about this heavily mid-century city with its tower blocks and unintentionally retro shops. Take a look here…


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