A very belated post written back in spring but only just published! I have plenty more to share from trips round Portugal this year and I’m planning on getting back into blogging more regularly. If you want to see more photos from Portugal and beyond, check out my Instagram (@ghostzine).

In April I went to Tomar on a bit of a whim. It’s a direct train ride from Lisbon (about two hours) and only about €10 each way. I was trying to decide where to go for the Easter weekend and it was the easiest place to get to with a good weather forecast so it won over some other options (which I hope to visit in time anyway).

During my short stay I wandered round the pretty old town and along the wisteria-lined river. The convent was closed as they were filming inside (yep – I missed out on the main tourist attraction!) but I visited the Matchbox Museum near the train station.

A friendly museum attendant told me some interesting information about the history of the museum, including the fact that the old lady sitting in the courtyard with a wonderful purple rinse was in fact the granddaughter of the man who had founded the museum. There were so many beautiful matchboxes from all round the world. The Japanese and Czech ones were probably my favourites; stunning examples of retro design inspiration.

I ate at Casa Matreno and Taberna Antiqua, both of which I would highly recommend. The latter is a medieval-themed restaurant with a lovely outdoor spot overlooking the main square in the old town. They sell craft beer on draft, which is always a plus. As for the food, all dishes contain only ingredients which were available during medieval times. The veggie option was really nice (rice with vegetables, nuts and honey). It gets very busy so it’s a good idea to get there early for lunch or dinner.

I stayed at Thomar Story Guest House, which was impeccably clean and boasted a nice view of the rooftops of Tomar (see photo).

In short, I would definitely recommend Tomar as a location for a short trip from Lisbon or elsewhere in Portugal. Watch this space for posts on Vila Nova de Milfontes, Porto and more.

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