Pacific Coast

The Pacific Coast of California is incredibly beautiful. I went there on a recent road trip and met various animals, friendly people and saw plenty of dramatic scenery. We stayed at Big Sur River Inn, which I highly recommend. Lovely cabins (though apparently the cheaper ones for lots of people are not so nice) and a magical little wooded area with chairs in the river, a nice restaurant, a general store (selling burritos!) and a vibrant pub nearby.

I would also recommend stopping at Lucia for a bite to eat while looking out over the Pacific. Lucia Lodge could get away with substandard food given the privilege of those views, and yet they provide high quality sandwiches etc. with generous portions and friendly service.

We were unable to visit any of the big forests due to fires but we managed to check out Point Lobos and Whaler’s Cove, which involved a pleasant, non-taxing walk. There was a cute little museum about the history of whaling. Poor whales… but it was interesting to read about the history of immigration to the area.

We didn’t spend much time in Monterey as we were keen to get to San Francisco at a reasonable hour, but it seemed a nice little place. The boardwalk was bustling but having already seen Santa Monica Pier earlier that week it was less of a novelty. Apparently Monterey is a good area for whale-watching and there’s a big aquarium that many recommend.

The 17-mile drive on the way up to San Francisco is incredibly scenic and well worth the $10 charge. So much wildlife! And so many beautiful coastal scenes.

Stay tuned for photos and tips from San Francisco.

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