The Sintra Coast

I recently went on a day trip with some friends and was pleasantly surprised to find some thoroughly magical places not far from Lisbon.

First we went to Azenhas do Mar, a beautiful little cliffside town. This was the place that led me to suggest the trip when I saw a photo of it (on Instagram!) My friends had been before but were up for going back as it’s so pretty. It’s not easily accessible by public transport, though it can be done (via a train to Sintra and then a bus). Luckily my friend drove, and the lack of easy access means it isn’t anywhere near as busy as you’d expect such a pretty coastal town to be. The abandoned building pictured had a very nice sea view if anyone fancies rescuing it…

Then we went for lunch at Praia Grande, followed by a trip to a bar in a windmill (Moinho Dom Quixote) with beautiful views of the Atlantic. We also visited Cabo da Roca, the westernmost point of continental Europe (which actually reminded me of the south coast of England, and not just because of the face-slapping wind).

Finally we visited the dramatic Boca do Inferno (mouth of hell) near Cascais. Its mesmerising to watch the water swirl around the cove.

A lovely day out, all doable in a day from Lisbon.

One Response to “The Sintra Coast”
  1. Wonderful photos on the Lisbon region!

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