Seven Sisters Country Park

During my last few weeks in Brighton, I was determined to do some of the things I’d always intended to do. One was to visit Seven Sisters Country Park, a place where seemingly all of my students had visited and expressed shock that I hadn’t. It turns out it’s often erroneously referred to as Seven Sisters (at least by international students) when in fact most just visit one area and certainly don’t visit all of the cliffs known collectively as the Seven Sisters (I also had no intention of going to all of them).

I managed to rope my friend Rikki into joining me, and he suggested we go to East Dean, walk to Birling Gap and back again for a pub lunch. That sounded like my kind of plan. Rikki’s girlfriend Laura was heavily pregnant but was going to join us for lunch so she rested in their camper van while we headed off on the walk. The weather was quite changeable (this is England) but not awful – just very windy.

We saw some llamas near the beginning of the walk, so my day was already made. We also saw a lot of sheep who were pretty used to visitors. Then the sea came into view and we were treated to the classic view of the white cliffs, which was obviously awesome. We stopped to check it out for a while and walked along the coast a bit. We were  very hungry by this point and soon headed back, pleased that we’d managed to make it into a circular walk despite not planning it properly. We saw some terrifying scarecrows as we arrived back in the village (see picture).

We then met up with Laura and went to The Tiger, a pub which they had been to before and recommended. Our friend Ben joined us, grumpy after the long bus journey from Brighton, but soon cheered up by the delicious food and beer. The pub is on the edge of the village green so it’s lovely to sit outside, which we did until it started raining and had to rush indoors with our plates of food. Classic.

We then got some tubs of ice cream from a local cafe/shop and went to eat them in Rikki and Laura’s camper van before getting the bus back (they live elsewhere so couldn’t give us a lift!)

If you’re in or around Brighton I’d definitely recommend this day out. It’s about an hour on the bus (12 or 12A from Churchill Square and other central stops). The walk isn’t too long (there are various versions but we did about three miles in total. And of course you can do a much longer one if you like!) The Tiger is a great country pub with friendly staff, good food and ale.

A lovely day out and I’m glad I managed to fit it in before leaving Brighton.

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