Amsterdam, Day 4

I made the most of my last morning in Amsterdam. I got up early, said goodbye to Joseph’s goldfish and Meneer De Reiger (the heron who visits his garden on a regular basis) and headed into town with Joseph when he went to work.

After that I got a coffee and drank it on the banks of the canal. I took my shoes off and took a moment to think about how awesome it was that my feet had recovered sufficiently from surgery for me to be able to make this trip (just two months earlier I could barely walk at all).

I then went to Lambiek and waited for the doors to open. It’s a fantastic comic shop run by a friendly guy who really knows his stuff. It’s also the oldest comic shop in Europe and possibly the oldest existing one worldwide. There’s a gallery there too. I wanted to buy so many things but alas, I was restricted by hand luggage.

I took a winding route back to the station through some streets I hadn’t been down before. It seems almost every street in Amsterdam is harbouring some secret beauty. I hope I can return before too long.

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