Amsterdam, Day 2

On my second day in Amsterdam, Joseph laid out an amazing breakfast spread for us including Dutch cheese, bread, strawberries, yoghurt, orange juice and coffee. A great start to the day… I also got to see the famed Meneer De Reiger (Mr Heron) who often visits Joseph’s garden. He wouldn’t show us his majestic neck though as it was raining and he wanted to stay cosy.

Joseph then gave me a little tour of parts of Amsterdam North, as we walked from his house to some ridiculously exciting flea markets. Van Dijk & Co and Neef Louis were in fact so exciting that I feel they deserve their own post – coming soon!

Then we walked across Buiksloterham to the Van de Pekbuurt where we had lunch at Soepboer. I had a cheese sandwich and reluctantly tried Dutch mayonnaise. I’m no fan of mayonnaise in general (apart from the garlic variety) but was pleasantly surprised by this homemade example which was completely different from the evil stuff that frequently invades store-bought sandwiches in the UK. The cafe was lovely too.

Next we went to EYE film museum, where I bought too many postcards and some green checked washi tape. I also spotted some David Lynch coffee and have no idea why I didn’t buy it (apart from the fact that I had very little money or space in my hand luggage). Ah well, I took a photo…

We got the ferry over to central Amsterdam, then walked along the Harlemmerdijk and stopped off at Cafe Papeneiland where we took some photos of each other looking moody and pensive in sepia, for no apparent reason (other than that we are both posers).

We then had a wander round some fancy shops. It was a national holiday so some places were closed, but we did managed to visit Boekie Woekie, which had been recommended by a friend in the UK. It’s a haven of zines and other self-published delights so there are loads of things you can’t get anywhere else. Then we got some delicious white chocolate ice cream as the weather had cleared up slightly and it was nice enough to hang around outside, though still not exactly sunny…

We checked out some graffiti, stopped off for a pink drink in a very pink bar then went to the supermarket as Joseph needed some ingredients for the secret dinner he was making us. I was excited about looking round the supermarket as I always am when in foreign lands (even when I’ve lived abroad for periods of a year I never seem to tire of the ‘foreign supermarket’ phenomenon).

When we got home Joseph cooked us an amazing feast (see picture). It was ridiculously tasty and well presented. Finally we watched the film Howl, which I have seen several times before but never tire of, just because I love the poem so much (and James Franco is generally very attractive when he’s not being James Franco).

Day 3 and flea market posts coming soon!

2 Responses to “Amsterdam, Day 2”
  1. Candy says:

    I really love to read your little travelogues. And the way you’ve collaged all those photos is so striking!

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