Blythe Fashion Shoot

Because I am really grown-up, I decided it was about time my Blythe doll took part in a photo shoot. Also because she has some beautiful clothes, some of which were made by my friend Emma-Louise (the cute nautical jacket and beautiful transport print dress).

This particular doll’s name is Miss Sally Rice (according to the manufacturers – I didn’t name her!) I also have some mini Blythe dolls, including an Alice in Wonderland one. If you don’t know anything about Blythe, here is a potted history:

Blythe is a fashion doll with an oversized head and huge eyes which change colour at the pull of string. Created in 1972 by designer Allison Katzman, Blythe was initially sold only for a year (because she creeped kids out, unsurprisingly). She was originally manufactured by Kenner (later Hasbro) and disappeared until 2001 when Gina Garan published a photo book featuring the dolls in different outfits and locations. This prompted interest from Japanese toy company Takara, who began producing new editions of the doll. Now Blythe has achieved cult status and you can find tonnes of pictures of her on the internet. There are also lots of hobbyists who customise the dolls (change their hair, eyes etc.) She might be considered too scary for children, but she is now loved by adults worldwide.

Blythe dolls are also pretty expensive. Never mind the originals, even neo Blythes are a pricey commodity. I bought mine in Taiwan where it was cheaper than the UK but still probably my most frivolous purchase to date. I regret nothing… Also, Miss Sally Rice has mint green hair which is obviously amazing. And I’ve just checked how much she’s being sold for on eBay nowadays – a hell of a lot more than I paid back in 2008.

Some of my friends also have Blythe dolls so we should probably get together and have a Blythe-themed tea party sometime, even though we mostly live in different cities.  I even have a miniature tea set squirreled away somewhere (as procured on the way back from Yellow Mountain in China).

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