The Inane Campaign

Inane Campaign trio

It seems about time I made a tumblr for the Inane Campaign, founded in Sicily in 2012 with my friend Aisling. I had a giant table in my flat which was perfect for drawing, crafting and generally making up ridiculous stuff. It was the headquarters of the Inane Campaign for a while, but of course we intend to carry on the good work wherever we go in the world (Aisling is currently representing the campaign in Australia and I am doing so in the UK).

My obsession with inanimate objects with faces started (or at least was exacerbated) when I lived in Taiwan in 2007-8. The stationery, toys etc. were covered in such pictures. I also visited Japan and Korea and lived in China, all of which added fuel to the inane fire.

Remember, inanimate objects have feelings too. See the Inane Campaign tumblr here.

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