The Brooklyn Bridge

Okay, this is my final post about this particular US trip – promise!

After leaving Seattle I had a stopover in Minneapolis for 12 hours. It was overnight so unfortunately I couldn’t go and explore. I set up camp in the ‘business lounge’ area of the airport – I had a desk, I wrote in my travel journal and charged my phone. Eventually I tried to go to sleep, only to be woken up by a member of staff, telling me that part of the airport was about to be closed for the night. I had to move to a seat downstairs where there was a draught and everyone looked as miserable as me.

I tried to sleep on the plane to New York, semi-successfully. When I arrived I went to meet my friends Rebecca and Alex at the corner of Stanton and Essex. We ate some delicious Mexican food. I had a Tuesday lunchtime beer, because it was the last day of my holiday… Then Rebecca and I went to the Brooklyn Bridge as I hadn’t had time to see it properly the first time (pre-Seattle trip). We walked over part of it but didn’t have time to do the whole thing. The view was very pretty. If I lived near the bridge I would definitely walk over it on a regular basis.

I just had a few hours left before my plane back to the UK and we had urgent business in the shape of eating Artichoke Pizza, which had taken on mythic proportions in my mind, hearing Rebecca declare its deliciousness every time we passed one of their shops. Believe the hype: it was truly magnificent.

Alex had joined us again by this point and we all went for a little walk which included gazing admiringly at an expensive first edition Patti Smith poetry book, checking out Peanuts graffiti and finding a secret door in a concrete wall.

Here are some things we saw:

Goodbye America… ’til next time.

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