Women Who Rock

As mentioned in my previous post, I visited the EMP Museum in Seattle. This was one of my favourite exhibitions there (and anywhere, ever!) – Women Who Rock: Vision, Passion, Power.

There was music playing in the area (Fleetwood Mac’s Landslide among others) and an extensive collection of costumes, instruments, records and information about women from a variety of musical genres. It was displayed chronologically, and included everything from 1920s jazz to soul, rock’n’roll, psychedelia, classic rock, hip hop and more.

I was pleased about the inclusion of riot grrrl and bands from the Pacific Northwest such as Bikini Kill (I want the fanzine they had on display so badly…) I was also happy to see artifacts representing some of my favourite stars of the New York rock scene, such as Kim Gordon, Tina Weymouth and Patti Smith.

Here is the exhibition manifesto:


2 Responses to “Women Who Rock”
  1. Kim Lange says:

    How funny, I just saw this very exhibit on Monday at the Musical Instrument Museum while on vacation in Phoenix. I also really enjoyed it. I had heard of all the artists (even the early ones thanks to a class I took several years ago) except for Goldie and the Gingerbreads. I’m definitely going to check them out; they seem so cool! It was also fun to learn how the Shangri La’s (sp?) were perceived as so tough and scary by other girl groups. Glad you got to see it and that you were able to travel to both Canada and the US.

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