EMP Museum, Seattle

I noticed a sign for the EMP Museum when I was entering Bumbershoot FestivalIt looked interesting – with its snazzy Frank Gehry-designed building – but I wasn’t sure if I’d get chance to go there. Luckily it wasn’t far from the hotel I stayed in on my last night in Seattle, and I had some time to kill before my flight back to New York.

I was really impressed by the exhibitions. The Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Horror sections were really interesting and comprehensive. It made me want to watch more horror films, as there are so many gaps in my horror viewing experience (I have caught up a bit since). I was already a fan of Sci-Fi and Fantasy and it was great to see some of the costumes from classic films, plus documentaries featuring interviews with eminent writers and directors.

I loved the music sections too. Nirvana were famously from Seattle, and there was a detailed exhibition of their history, including photographs, letters, guitars, gig posters etc. Jimi Hendrix also hailed from Seattle, and the same was done for him. There were some of his amazing outfits on display too.

One of my favourite parts was the Women Who Rock exhibition, which I feel deserves its own post (coming up next…)

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