The Black Lodge

While in Vancouver, I visited Twin Peaks-themed vegetarian restaurant, The Black Lodge. I got a John Candy Smokie with fries and a beer. I can’t remember what Bella had but it also looked delicious (and healthier than mine as she went for salad rather than fries…) The place was pretty small so I was glad we got there early and got a table.

The tables themselves were made of logs, and the décor was Twin Peaks-inspired (including the atmospheric toilet… I mean bathroom… I mean washroom). There was even a photo of Laura Palmer at the bar.

I don’t know why such a place exists – themed with one of my favourite TV shows and providing delicious meat-free food – but I’m not complaining. Thanks to Bella for accompanying me even though she’s never seen Twin Peaks and isn’t veggie!

The Black Lodge is at 630 Kingsway, Vancouver, BC V5T 3K4, Canada. 

Here are some of the delicious things on offer:


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