The day after Michael and Meri’s wedding, I went for a long walk in Seattle with Bella (my new friend from the hostel) in search of breakfast. It was already pretty much lunchtime so finding breakfast wasn’t too easy, and my fallback plan of going back to St John’s in Capitol Hill failed when we discovered it was closed. We kept going and found The Honey Hole, which turned out to be great. I had a veggie BLT and cherry cream soda.

Anyway, the following day I got the Bolt Bus to Vancouver – about a four-hour journey. When I arrived, a man in the station was shouting at a woman: “You have HIV now!” To which she shouted back: “I know, you’ve ruined my life!” What a scene to walk into; I hoped it would be an isolated incident.

It was fairly easy to get to Samesun Hostel on the SkyTrain. I checked in, had a veggie burger and fries in the restaurant there, followed by a short walk and a nap. With hindsight I should really have gone out properly, especially as it rained for the rest of my time in Vancouver and that afternoon/evening it was still sunny. But I was tired and really into the book I was reading, so…

The following day, I had breakfast in the hostel, which was pretty good (plenty of bagels and toast, cream cheese, juice, coffee, etc.) I walked for about an hour in the rain to Victoria Park, which was beautiful. I was totally soaked but kept walking around for a while as it was so nice. I headed back and met up with Bella, who had arrived that day from Seattle and happened to be staying at Samesun.

My plan for that evening had been to go to an open air theatre performance in Stanley Park (which Phoebe, a girl I had met in Sicily, was involved in). Sadly, it was cancelled due to the bad weather and I never ended up even going to Stanley Park, which I realise is a bit ridiculous. I would have gone earlier if I’d known, but I was saving it for that evening and then it didn’t seem too appealing to go there at nighttime in the rain.

Luckily I had an alternative plan… I had read about The Black Lodge before my trip – a Twin Peaks-themed vegetarian restaurant. Right up my street in every sense. I feel it deserves its own blog post so that’ll be coming up next…

On the way back to the hostel, walking through Chinatown, we overheard another odd exchange. This time it was a woman shouting to a man to be careful because there were gangs about and someone had been murdered that afternoon. I’m sure Vancouver is generally a pretty safe place but I was definitely ready to get back to the hostel after that.

The following morning I was still toying with the idea of heading to Stanley Park, but time was tight before my return journey so I went to Vancouver Art Gallery instead. It was all good, but my favourite exhibition was Grand Hotel, showcasing the evolution of hotel architecture and design worldwide.

I headed back to the hostel to pick up my luggage and had lunch in a place where most of the food is grilled and nothing is fried. I felt like something healthy after all the fried refined carbs I’d been consuming and was able to generate genuine enthusiasm for a bowl of brown rice with tofu and broccoli.

I was under the impression that I had plenty of time to get back to the station for the bus back to Seattle. But when I got to the same station I had arrived at near the hostel, it transpired that that route only goes in ONE DIRECTION (I wonder if I should tag the post with these words in the interest of blog traffic…)

This seemed kind of insane. I got on a train anyway that was going in the vague direction I needed to be in. I wasn’t sure what else to do, so I just went a few stops then got off and tried to find a bus stop while lugging my big suitcase around.

I found one and some passers-by confirmed that I could get the bus from there. I waited for a while and spent the last of my Canadian dollars on the fare. By this point I had pretty much given up hope of making it on time and was mentally preparing for having to pay extra for a train ticket and possibly hanging around for a while in the station with my stupid suitcase.

We arrived at the station and I went round the back to the Bolt Bus stop just in case… I had made it, with one minute to go.

5 Responses to “Vancouver”
  1. Virginia Duran says:

    Beautiful pictures! Loved the one of the skyline 🙂

  2. Sounds like you had quite a trip! I’m happy you made it though.
    I do love the photo you took of the plants and the water, great colors!

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