Michael and Meri’s Wedding

I met my friends Michael and Meri when we were all working together in the insane metropolis that is Shanghai. They were part of a select group of people who helped me retain my sanity. We went to parties and dive bars, ate a lot of hotpot, played poker for a packet of unwanted decaf coffee, went on a very silly trip to Hangzhou and visited Barbie Shanghai (okay, that last one was sans Michael).

They’re a ridiculously good couple, very well-suited and strong enough to cope with travelling and living together in strange lands. After leaving China, they moved to Australia for a bit, then eventually back to Meri’s homeland of the US. I was very happy for them when I heard about their engagement but never really expected to make it to their wedding . Somehow I pulled it off though, and flew to Seattle from the UK for it (via New York – see previous posts…)

The wedding itself was at Swan’s Trail Farm, about an hour out of Seattle. Michael is also British and lots of his friends and family had come over for it. I knew no one apart from the bride and groom but met plenty of nice people. We played croquet in the rain and ate lots of delicious food.

Check out my photos for the exquisite details on show – the theme of travel was obviously fitting and very tastefully done. There was also yummy pizza. AND A RAINBOW. No one can plan that.

When things wound down, a party bus took us back to Seattle. Which begged the question: How are such things legal?! We were all very merry, dancing around the poles and flying around every time the driver roughly jerked round corners (um, on purpose?) It was super fun though.

The night ended, as all good nights do, with a visit to a gay bar and an all-night diner.

Congratulations Michael and Meri, and apologies for the delay on posting this!

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