Coffee and Comics in Seattle

After I left New York I headed to Seattle. In case you’re not aware of the geographical layout of the US, Seattle is not near New York. It’s on the opposite coast in fact. This meant I had a silly stopover in Minneapolis, but not for long enough to leave the airport. The airline, Sun Country, is based in Minneapolis and as a result all the cabin staff sound like characters in Fargo (which is amazing obviously).

I arrived in Seattle in the early evening and headed straight to my hostel (The Green Tortoise on Pike Street). It was easy enough to find from the link light rail stop so not too much of a pain with my big suitcase. I headed out to meet my friends Michael and Meri at Poquito’s, a Mexican restaurant in Capitol Hill. They were getting married in a couple of days time and wanted to have a night out with their friends beforehand. Michael is from the UK so plenty of his friends and family had come over for it.

I became friends with Michael and Meri when we all taught English in Shanghai in 2011. I didn’t really expect to be able to go to the wedding, seeing as it was in August and summer is the busiest time in my job, plus there was the whole money issue. But somehow I saved up, got the time off work and actually made it.

After freaking out the Poquito’s staff by turning a section of their restaurant into a bar, we moved on to The Unicorn, an actual bar. I fought tiredness and chatted to new people and enjoyed the amazing décor. I also drank some beer that I loved but I can’t remember what it was called now. Damn.

After being spoiled by my relatively luxurious stay in New York, I went back to my hostel – where I was sharing an eight-person mixed dorm – and tried not to wake people up as I got ready for bed. At least I was on the bottom bunk. The beds had curtains around them to provide a bit of privacy but for some reason mine were too short for the bed and therefore failed.

The next morning it was beautifully sunny. I went out for a walk and to find some nice coffee and food. I discovered St John’s in Capitol Hill and got some kind of hangover breakfast thing (although I wasn’t actually hungover). I wrote in my ill-fated travel journal a bit and drank black coffee with free refills (which should exist everywhere, in an ideal world).

After this I got the bus to Georgetown to visit Fantagraphics Bookstore and Gallery, the storefront for what is probably my favourite graphic novel publisher of all time. I was particularly excited as I had just started doing graphic novel reviews for For Books’ Sake and was doing a write-up of the shop for them, which you can read here.

I fended off the attentions of a very drunk man on the bus back to the Pike Street area (it was still only the afternoon, in case you were wondering) and went shopping in Target for clothes and stationery (for a change…) then Ross where I got a pair of Nike Air trainers and some Keds at bargain prices.

I took my new purchases back to the hostel and got chatting to Bella, a German girl in the opposite bunk. Neither of us had any particular plans for the evening so we decided to go for dinner together. We ended up at Assaggio, which was a little pricey but had good pizza and friendly staff. We went back to the hostel thinking maybe we’d go to bed really early (it was about 9:30) but some of the guys in our room invited us to have a beer with them in the common room.

We ended up going out to Kell’s, an Irish Bar above Pike Street Market, then stayed up very late drinking beer in the common room with various people from all round the world. It was fun but a bit silly on my part as it was Michael and Meri’s wedding the next day. I am the queen of inappropriate timing. Anyway, I’ll leave it there for now. More to come soon…

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  1. Two of my favorite things! Thanks for the post.

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