Brooklyn via Chinatown

After our day out at Coney Island, Rebecca and I headed to Williamsburg to get some (seriously) delicious falafel at Oasis and check out Skinny Dennis – a wonderfully incongruous Nashville-style bar my friend had recommended. There we met up with Sam, a Twitter friend and Brit living in NYC who had kindly given me tips on things to see and do in the city.

A very drunk guy from San Francisco abandoned his friends to come join us, which was briefly entertaining. Rebecca and I were pretty sleepy after our day in the sun (and possibly experiencing a massive sugar crash after all the cotton candy) so we headed back to Park Slope at a vaguely reasonable hour.

The next morning it rained. A lot. I got soaked then stopped to eat at Mamagyro (also delicious – no need to thank me for all the food-based tips) on the way to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The museum is a monster and houses far more than you can viably fit into a day if you want to see everything properly. I tried to curate my own visit, speeding around and slowing down when I saw stuff that interested me.

The staff were weirdly unfriendly compared to those at MoMA, although maybe they were just confused by inconsistent walking tempo. Also I didn’t enjoy being told to wear my tiny backpack on my front even though I know it was for security purposes. It is a fantastic collection though, I’ll give them that. And you can choose how much you pay (the suggested fee is $25 but they’d let you in for a dollar).

After the Met I headed to Union Square to meet up with Rebecca (which may have involved yet more shopping in Forever 21…) Then we had a wander round Chinatown, which looked like this:

We rushed home to shower and get changed before heading to Bushwick, where I was reviewing a gig for Soundblab. The rest of the night is summed up in my review, which you can read here.

Thanks to Rebecca, Leonie, Sam, Pete, Eno and Shelly for all the ace NYC tips. I’ll finally get onto Seattle in the next post…

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