The High Line

I became Facebook friends with Eno when I wrote her this faintly ridiculous message in 2007, when I lived in Taiwan:

Hi Eno,

I’m just sitting with my friend Lewis in Jhunan in Miaoli County and we decided to search for people who like Sonic Youth. You like Sonic Youth, Eno, and many other good things. Will you be our friend?!

If you could travel in a carriage pulled by any animal, what would it be? Lewis would choose koalas as then he could climb trees in his carriage. I would choose foxes.

Eno replied with her answer (a lion) and another question and soon we became firm FB friends, but as she had relocated from Taiwan to New York, we never met. Until this year, when I visited NYC for the first time.

She was sweet enough to make a plan to show me some cool stuff in her area (and generous enough to get me food – my favourite thing ever!) We met up at Chelsea Market, which was an amazing warren of foodstuffs and joy.

I got some ice cream and we went up onto the High Line, a park built on part of an old railway network above the city. There happened to be a local theatre company – Exploded Shakespeare –  performing so we watched them briefly and enjoyed their suspect British accents before wandering along and checking out the beautiful sunset.

We had some delicious Italian food at Pizza No 28 then went to see the cut-out version of Edward Hopper’s Nighthawks in the Flatiron district. It looked awesome with the city behind it.

It was such a nice evening and it was lovely to meet Eno after all these years. The High Line was one of my favourite places in New York. I want to go back now please.

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