After my ridiculous journey to New York, I went out for dinner with my friend Rebecca and her boyfriend Alex. We went to a German restaurant on Brooklyn’s Seventh Avenue and tried to decide whether we had the energy to go out in Manhattan or not.

We went back to Rebecca’s boss’ apartment where we were staying (while he was away and needed a cat-sitter) to drink coffee and try to convince ourselves we felt like going out even though it was Sunday night and I was jetlagged/generally exhausted.

The coffee did the trick, miraculously, plus the idea that we didn’t have to get the subway as Alex was going to drive. We headed to Beauty Bar in the East Village, which my friend Shelly had recommended particularly for the music on Sunday nights. She wasn’t wrong; as soon as we entered they were playing a Modern Lovers song (one of my favourite bands of all time). It’s an old beauty salon that has been converted into a bar but retains many of the kitsch beauty salon features: chrome-domed hair dryers, vintage treatment price lists, and manicures still available.

The next morning I got a coffee and bagel (smoked salmon and cream cheese, if you’re interested) and ate it in Prospect Park. It’s a really nice park and is right next to Brooklyn Public Library, which I discovered has a great graphic novel section. It was around this point that I started harbouring impossible dreams of being a student in Brooklyn.

My plan was to head over the bridge to Manhattan but I didn’t have a map and was having trouble with my phone so couldn’t use the internet. I decided to walk to a nearby subway station and just get on any train going in the right direction. I got off at Broadway because, well, it’s pretty famous and I knew it was somewhere in the general area of where I wanted to be (even though it’s an insanely long street).

I found a great stationery shop, walked around Chinatown a bit, ended up in Union Square and somehow found myself stumbling into a giant Forever 21 store… this turned out to be a great idea as I got a beautiful dress for my friends’ wedding (the following Sunday in Seattle) in the sale for $10.

Anyway… my other Manhattan adventures fit into more specific categories (Central Park, FAO Schwarz, MoMA etc.) which are all coming up in future posts so I’ll leave it there for now.

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