Brooklyn via Dublin


Last month I went to the USA for the first time ever. I was really excited, not least because I never really expected to get the time off work and strongly suspected I wouldn’t be able to afford it. Somehow I pulled it off, after a summer of working ridiculous hours and saving up.

The trip was time-specific as I really wanted to go to my friends’ wedding in Seattle. I decided to fit in some other trips seeing as I was going so far anyway… I bought flights to New York as it wasn’t much more expensive to fly there first then to Seattle than it would be to fly directly. I also planned a trip to Vancouver for two days.

For some unknown reason (okay, probably because it was the cheapest option) my flight to New York stopped in Dublin for 12 hours overnight. Luckily my friend Aisling was on hand to entertain me. After some problems with technology (okay, many – but it’s a long and boring story apart from the bit where a guy shoots me in the face with a peashooter) we finally managed to meet in the Temple Bar area.

We headed to Eddie Rocket’s, an American-style diner which is open late. Obviously I wasn’t going to get the chance to eat American-style food again on this holiday so I had to pack it in quickly… I also had a (veggie) burger and fries the night before in Brighton from the delicious Grubbs. Try it if you’re ever round these parts. So anyway… a healthy start.

After this ridiculous (yet also fun) stopover in Dublin, during which I slept for a total of nine minutes, I went through some annoying pre-clearance red tape nonsense, was told they might have lost my luggage somewhere between London and Dublin, had to go to a strange room off the beaten track to identify my (thankfully not lost) suitcase then finally boarded the plane.

Obviously I slept then, as much as possible – between meals anyway. Food wins over sleep, just. I was sort of glad there was no in-flight entertainment system as there was no way I could’ve stayed awake for a film even if they had Woody Allen’s entire filmography.

I was met at the airport by my old friend Rebecca, who is a musician and cat enthusiast, and her boyfriend Alex, who kindly agreed to give me a lift. I hadn’t seen Rebecca since she was nine and I was 13, but we quickly discovered we had a lot in common, maybe because our eccentric/awesome parents are friends.

Originally I was going to be staying with Rebecca, but then by some bizarre stroke of luck her boss went on holiday for the exact period of my stay and asked her to cat-sit at his beautiful apartment in Park Slope. He said it was fine for me to stay there too. What a legend.

I loved the area so much. It was a short walk from Brooklyn Public Library and Prospect Park, plus Seventh Avenue which had some great shops (and, most importantly, good coffee and bagels – I recommend La Bagel Delight and Bagel Market).

Here are some of my first images of Brooklyn.

The cats we sat for. Fluffy as hell and adorable.


The fancy hallway of the building we stayed in


The streets around Park Slope


More to come soon… Much, much more.

6 Responses to “Brooklyn via Dublin”
  1. Rikki says:

    What about the peashooter incident?

    9 mins sleep- 8 mins is the optimum amount of sleep for a power nap. 9 mins is too much. Silly you! x

    • Alexis says:

      You’re right – how silly of me 😉

      I survived the peashooter incident with minor injuries. Okay – mild, momentary discomfort. The guy semi-apologised, don’t think he quite meant to get me in the face. Still, a weird moment. Who even has a peashooter in this day and age?! x

  2. I love how you document all of your experiences via the food you ate – I think that’s your shtick. Incidentally, did you eat any of the peas after they shot you? 😛
    Glad my severe sleep deprivation proved entertaining for you Charles!

    • Alexis says:

      Haha, I hadn’t even noticed I’d done that but it’s obviously not in any way surprising. Maybe I should just rename my blog: ‘Carbzine: A Love Story’. Thanks for entertaining me, Charles! 🙂

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