Edward Burtynsky

I have often considered industrial landscapes to be oddly beautiful. Recently I’ve discovered the photography of Edward Burtynsky, which illustrates the point perfectly.

tumblr_m48d4hOZhm1qizk91o1_1280 ML-06 ML-05 H2O_SP_DLF_24_10_big encounters01_courtesyEdwardBurtynskyGlenbowMuseum_web edward-burtynsky-growth-07-690x550 edward-burtynsky-earth-01-690x549 edward-burtynsky-7 edward-burtynsky-6 edward-burtynsky-1 edward burtynsky 001 burtynskyoil3 burtynsky_walcott burtynsky_still0 burtnskyquarry-iberia aerial-Photography-Edward-Burtynsky-12 87 61

While putting together this post, I happened to be listening to this song by Cranes. It contains some industrial-sounding noises and brings to mind some sort of insane factory and therefore I felt it was fitting, plus it’s a good song so you might want to have a listen anyway.

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