I couple of weekends ago, I went to London for the first time in ages to see some friends and generally get away for a miniature holiday. I stayed at my friend Jenny’s house in Primrose Hill. I’d been there before but had never explored the area – it’s ridiculously nice, as you might expect for an area riddled with the rich and famous.

We ate pizza at Marine Ices and I ordered some weird gorgonzola and vegetable combination which wasn’t on the menu. Yummy. It was a beautiful day for October so after lunch we got ice creams to take away and ate them on the hill.

I also met up with my friend Lucy for tea and a wander through some of the shops in Camden. In the evening Jenny and I went to a party at my friend Tim’s house. We got pretty lost in Mile End on the way.

At the party there was a sushi buffet and plenty of Asian pop videos. Everyone got excited when Gangnam Style came on and attempted to do the dance (okay, I admit I didn’t get involved but just took photos of everyone else doing so).

The next day Jenny and I had a sleepy wander down Oxford Street. We both bought the same satchel so will have to remember not to wear it at the same time… I also got a beautiful  Japanese-style dress which fits me insanely well.  Just have to find an excuse to wear it now as it’s a bit too good for everyday wear.

We got sick of shopping after a pretty short time and went for a late lunch at East Street, a brilliant restaurant on Rathbone Place serving various kinds of Asian food. I had the Thai red curry which was lovely. Not sure why it ended up being such an Asian-themed weekend.

I returned to Brighton feeling like I’d been away for much longer than just one night. Here’s some other stuff I saw while in London:

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