Spectacle inspiration

I’ve been an occasional glasses wearer for about four years now, and if I’m honest it still feels like a bit of a novelty. I do actually need them though, I promise. Increasingly so; for seeing faraway things like train times at the station, films, finding my friends in pubs etc. Or even just noticing people I know in the street (apologies if you see me sans specs and I don’t say hi – I’m not being rude). My first pair didn’t particularly suit me, but I was lucky enough to spend a year in China where specs were super cheap and I ended up getting five nice pairs for under £100, lenses and frames inclusive. That should keep me going for a while.

Anyway, I felt it was about time I compiled a list of my favourite famous glasses wearers, plus a few plucked from fiction/pop culture. Please feel free to make more suggestions in the comments.

The first one is perhaps the most outrageous in terms of context. Rachel Leigh Cook’s character in ‘She’s All That’ is in fact considered not ‘all that’ until the end of the film, when she’s given a terrible makeover and removes her awesome glasses. Before that she was an arty girl, a nerd, blah blah… basically a pretty cool girl with her own style who should have more sense than to date the likes of Freddie Prinze Jr’s boring character. But then who am I to question the tastes of high school girls… we’ve all been there. In the end she sports a generic 90s dress and is sadly lacking in spectacles. Ah well, we can still take inspiration from the ‘before’ version.

Next up is Dorothy Malone in ‘The Big Sleep’. Hot as hell, you really have to watch the scene to get the full effect. Sadly, Bogart asks her to remove her glasses as the tension rises between them. Foiled again.

Moving on to ladies who are unlikely to remove their specs on request… No list of hot glasses wearers would be complete without Liz Lemon, AKA Tina Fey.

Zooey Deschanel is lovely in all incarnations, but I particularly like her in specs.

Enid from Ghost World looks great when drawn by Daniel Clowes in comic form and when played by Thora Birch in the film version.

Last but by no means least, the inimitable Daria.

And just so the boys don’t feel left out, I’ve also sought out my favourite bespectacled gentlemen.

First off, Allen Ginsberg.

Buddy Holly, naturally.

I can’t find a picture of Jack Kerouac wearing these specs, but they were indeed his.

Johnny Depp’s chiselled, heart-shaped face looks great with round tortoiseshell glasses.

And the hottest of all, Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones in professor mode.


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