In Between

After having had my hair in a bob for couple of years, I decided last year it was time to grow it long again. Unfortunately this is not something which happened instantly the moment I made the decision, and I am being forced to exercise the art of patience (admittedly not one of my greatest virtues).

It is now ‘almost long’ but I should probably get it trimmed soon in the interest of keeping it in decent condition. I am therefore trying to convince myself that mid-length can in fact be a good thing. Someone recently told me I suit this length more than either short or long, and while I’m not 100% sure I believe them, I do think there are some ladies out there with awesome mid-length styles. Here are some of my favourite celebrity examples:

Debbie Harry, obviously.

Veronica Lake

Audrey Tautou

Claire Danes

Gene Tierney

And Rose McGowan in Jawbreaker…

Feel free to send me further suggestions.

2 Responses to “In Between”
  1. Ugh. I’m in a mid-length dilemma too. My hair grows too quickly to keep it short – I can’t afford to go to the hairdressers as often as is required to keep it ahem… “stylish”. And I grow weary of coping with it when it’s long. Mid-length seems logical… So why does it bother me so much?

    Everytime I get hair stress from now on, I will consult this blog post.

    • Alexis says:

      Mine grows quickly too – keeping it short was too high maintenance! Glad this post made you feel more at ease about the mid-length dilemma:)

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