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My parents visited recently and we went on a trip to Ragusa. People kept recommending the place – everyone from the guidebooks to my students said I should visit Ragusa Ibla, the old town, while I’m in Sicily. We took a train there (about a two-hour journey) and wandered down from the new town (where the train station is). We fell into a bit of a tourist trap restaurant due to hunger and the fact that it was actually recommended in the Rough Guide. Some people enjoyed their food but others felt the ingredients were poor (including my spaghetti with very tinny-tasting tomatoes). The service was unarguably bad. Ah well, we made up for it by getting some good ice cream and walking around a very pretty park full of abandoned churches and with a view over the edge of the hill on which Ragusa Ibla sits. The town is small and there isn’t a great deal to do but it’s very pretty and there are some beautiful vistas on the way down from the new town.

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  1. xeja says:

    Your lizard picture is great! Kàrl with an accent.

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