Santa Lucia Market

Yesterday I went to the market at Piazza Santa Lucia. This place is going to be my downfall. Despite having lived in four different countries in the past four years, I am, deep down, a hoarder. A collector of pointless crap that I don’t need. But I’m living in a new place that I want to personalise and make more aesthetically pleasing in some small way (even if I am only here for four months). So I bought the following unneccessary objects:

Vintage postcards and photographs

Kitsch deer trinket

Dylan Dog comic

La regina della galassia (queen of the galaxy) comic

2 Responses to “Santa Lucia Market”
  1. Kàrl with an accent says:

    That deer is soo cheesy! But I suppose he’s cute in a way. The postcards will let you personalise your apartment even if they’re of people you don’t know! The shot of the dog in that opening photograph is excellent!

    • Alexis says:

      I suppose it is a bit odd to personalise my flat with pictures of strangers from the past… oh well. They look damn cool. I might intersperse them with pictures of people I actually know.

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