Voyage to Siracusa

I wrote this on Saturday February 11th but didn’t have internet so couldn’t upload yet.

All my trains were delayed as I made my way to Gatwick Airport from York this morning. There was a point when I was stuck waiting at London Bridge staring at the information for the trains to Gatwick – cancelled, delayed, cancelled. I’d given myself plenty of time, but it had all been frittered away by the silly trains and the snow. There is roughly one direct flight a week to Siracusa and I start work on Monday so I tried not to entertain thoughts of what would happen if I missed the flight, especially as I didn’t have the money to pay for a new one.

When I had almost given up hope, it was announced that a very delayed Brighton (via Gatwick) train was arriving. I made it onto the plane just in time and over to Catania where I had to get the bus to Siracusa to meet my new boss. It was a while before the bus was due – I waited for 90 minutes in the cold but it seemed preferable to lugging my bags back into the airport only to come back out again. The man who sold me my ticket looked like a much more attractive (and probably not Scientologist) John Travolta. I slept on the bus, like I had slept on the flight and the trains because I only got four hours sleep last night and was up at 5:30. It made all the travelling seem pretty quick, though I don’t thoroughly recommend being spaced out and tired when travelling abroad and having to find your own way to a new city.

Anyway, I made it to the bus station in Siracusa and my boss picked me up just as a storm started raging. She drove me to my new flat, which I had never seen before. All I knew about it was the layout (bedroom/living room and separate kitchen and bathroom) and the fact that it was on the cheaper end of the spectrum for flats in the area. Turns out it’s lovely – really comfortable, clean and nicely laid out. I met the owners, a local couple who may be able to restore my faith in landlords after my horrible experience in Shanghai (got ripped off and thrown out a week before leaving). My new landlords have left me bread, cheese, milk, sweets, biscuits, Nutella, tea, towels, shampoo sachets etc. The place is fully (and newly) furnished and even has bed linen already on the bed. It’s cosy yet not too small and there are pictures on the walls to make it feel more homely, including some I might have picked out myself (among others I definitely wouldn’t).

So I’ve made myself a cheese sandwich and a cup of tea because I’m too sleepy to go and try out the local pizzeria tonight. I’m listening to Chet Baker and hiding out from the rain. I can’t see the view from the flat properly yet as it’s too dark but I’m in the historic centre of Ortigia where everything looks pretty nice so I expect it won’t be ugly. Totally exhausted but happy. I came here on a whim (having originally planned to head back to Asia around this time) but it doesn’t feel like such a terrible idea so far.

Edit: I was right about the view. This is what the courtyard looks like:

3 Responses to “Voyage to Siracusa”
  1. New boss….what’s the new job?

  2. Lydia says:

    I like Italians – and the men are so good looking 😉

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