Saltburn by the Sea

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A few weeks ago I went to Saltburn by the Sea, near Middlesbrough, with my parents. They’ve been a few times – I think they like it partly because it’s off the beaten track and not too touristy. It was a proper British day out: cold, rainy and beautifully bleak.

It’s an old Victorian resort so there are pretty things like bandstands and a miniature train that takes you from the beach to the centre of the town. We went to an amazing vintage/antique shop. Lots of the other good shops were sadly closed as it was during the holiday period. We went to a cafe and all had the veggie all day brekkie, which was good for me as I get pretty bad food envy if people order different things from me (unless they contain animals other than fish).

I’ve met people from Saltburn who complain a lot about how boring it was growing up there. I totally get that (I grew up in York and thought that was small…) but it was lovely for a day out.

Tomorrow I’m flying away to a very different kind of seaside town – Siracusa in Sicily – where I’ll be working for four months. Looking forward to the food, the architecture, the beach and the fact that it’s currently about the temperature of England in May. Might just be able to evade the rest of winter.

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