Huang Shan (Yellow Mountain)

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So I’m finally able to upload photos from Yellow Mountain from September… as it was so long ago I won’t go into too much detail about the trip, not least because I probably couldn’t do so with much enthusiasm as other trips are now fresher in my mind.

Some things I can recall are a dirty hotel (my roommate and I managed to get them to change the sheets but they were pretty reluctant), a lot of mist, 7,000 people on a mountain because it was a national holiday, beautiful views as we descended from Lotus Peak and a LOT of steps.

On the way back to Shanghai we stopped at Tunxi, a town with a traditional old street. As we knew there’d be plenty of tacky gifts for sale, my friends and I decided to do a kind of non-Christmas-related ‘Secret Santa’ where we had to spend no more than 10rmb (£1) on the tackiest gift we could find. The name I picked out of the hat was Chris, the one person I didn’t really know – a Chinese guy who had a reputation for always being the last person back on the bus (an hour late at one point and we all had to wait for him…) I got him a large plastic peanut with singing birds inside it. I received a monkey talisman and miniature tea set, which I must admit I actually liked. Perhaps unsurprising given my love of miniature things – see Mini Shanghai.

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