Made in USA by Jean-Luc Godard

I am enjoying having some time off. On Monday I met up with Michael before he went back to the UK for summer, then I went to Shanghai Art Museum followed by a trip on the Metro where I picked a line and stop at random and ended up somewhere in Pudong. I knew nothing about the area and just went for a wander in a park full of insanely loud tweeting birds and old people doing tai chi. The weather was perfect, a nice change after last week when it rained (almost?) every day. Ah, rainy season…

Yesterday Darcy showed me a whole new clothing market in Jing’An but I resisted buying anything. I officially have about twice as many clothes as I can fit in my suitcase. Though that’s not to say I will never buy more…

I went for dinner with Natalie having not seen her for about six weeks while she was in the UK. We went to Pure Pavilion, a ridiculous vegetarian restaurant where everything had totally bizarre names – I will have to go again and take my camera. Dessert was served in a steaming bath of ceramic frogs, no kidding.

Today I did a lot of writing and drawing, caught up on communications and did some Chinese homework. I also watched a film – the glorious, lunatic ‘Made in USA’ directed by Jean-Luc Godard and starring Anna Karina. Marianne Faithfull has a cameo and sings As Tears Go By.

I drew/painted a picture inspired by Chinese landscapes I want to visit but have not yet… My camera didn’t pick up all the detail as I insist on drawing really small pictures with really fine pens (my old favourite Pilot Hi-Tec C, combined with watercolours and Sakura design markers). If anyone knows where I can get Hi-Tec-Cs in mainland China, please divulge this precious information. I have found them in Taiwan and Hong Kong but not Shanghai as yet and I only have ONE with me. Oh dear.

Karst is a special type of landscape that is formed by the dissolution of soluble rocks, including limestone and dolomite.


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