Okay, so this post has absolutely nothing to do with Easter, but that’s the time frame in which these things occurred.

On Saturday I went to a short film night at the Dutch Design Center on Shaanxi North Road with Natalie and Will. There were some great films and free Bombay Sapphire gin – bonus.

I went to the fabric market yesterday to collect some clothes I had made – pictures to follow when I get round to it. Might model them if I can be bothered.

Today I bought some shoes for 30RMB (£3) from a stall on the university campus. I find it hard to get shoes in my size here (UK 7) so was very excited to find them. They actually had some in larger sizes than mine so it made a nice change from being laughed at by Chinese shop staff for asking if they stock my size. They’re (clearly fake) Tommy Hilfiger Denim deck shoes – mega comfy and just happen to be a style I was looking for.

I also bought an ice lolly for 1.5RMB (15p) and it was amazing – a bit like a Twister only red and orange. Incidentally, I am reliably informed that US English for ice lolly is popsicle, which is very fun to say. Darcy has now taken to calling them ice lollies despite actually being American.

Here are some things I have seen lately.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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