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I woke up this morning exhausted, sunburnt and having lost my cardigan. But it was okay. Because yesterday was one of the best birthday celebrations I’ve had in a long time.

It was a beautiful day for a picnic, and I went to Century Park for the first time. It’s one of my favourite places in Shanghai so far. We had a little rest stop to drop the picnic stuff home then came out again for Indian food and karaoke, where Meri treated us all to an astounding rendition of Baby Got Back and some Dizzee Rascal hits (who knew that girl could rap). Then it was onto Clampdown at Not Me (very fun rock’n’roll dance party).

I shared the celebrations with a girl from work, Izabela, whose birthday is tomorrow. My actual birthday was on Thursday and I had a busy day at work, but in the evening I went to an amazing vegetarian restaurant – Vegetarian Lifestyle on Fengxian Lu – which almost won over my meat-crazy housemate (if only they sold alcohol he might have been a little more impressed) and then for cake at Hof.

Thanks to everyone who helped make my birthday bloody brilliant.

EDIT: Turns out my cardigan is not lost but my friend accidentally swapped with me when leaving. Winner!


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